It’s been such a long time since I last updated! Since I last wrote here, I was able to complete my Mystic Kids family’s faceups!


I know these aren’t the best, but be reminded these are only my first faceups. Just like with Sahtka, all these dolls could use improvement, but for now, this is fine. It’s getting colder outside everyday and I can’t risk spraying sealant in the garage without ventilation. These faceups are here to stay until the Spring, or longer if I decide I don’t want to change them.

How do you like them?



Another Doll?

Hello all (if anyone even knows this website is alive…)!

I am here today to share a plan for a new doll. My doll plan is for a doll I am planning to buy, a Dikadoll Felis. The moment I saw him I knew I had to have him… and have him I will (haha, eventually…)!
I googled and googled and I couldn’t find too many people with the same idea, so I hope this idea is as unique as I think it is.

Summer is one of my favorite seasons; it’s warm, school’s out, and baseball! Every summer, my mom and I go to minor league baseball games to root on our semi-local team, the Lake County Captains (Low A Team for the Cleveland Indians). I almost always have a favorite player every season, and this season that player was Taiwanese. I don’t think he specifically inspired my idea, but the team and my love of my dolls (many of which still do not have faceups, oops).

I’m going to turn Felis into a baseball playing BJD.
I don’t know why I never thought of this idea before this past season!
I plan on making him batting gloves, a few jerseys, pants, stir-ups, all the good stuff. Maybe it’s weird, but I’m DYING to have him and at least one uniform done by the time the season starts up again in 2018 so that I can bring him to the meet-the-players party before the opener!

As for my other dolls… I’ll get around to them, I promise! I’m still hoping to get their faceups done before the start of winter. Hopefully next summer I’ll have the money and space to begin building their house.

First Faceup!

20170728_171223Yesterday, I was able to start and complete my very first faceup/body blush!
While it’s not the best, I still think it’s good for a first try. I never did anything like this before, so I didn’t know what to expect, even after watching so many faceup tutorials. I have to say, I totally over blushed his entire body… the parts I blushed that is. I did not do a full body blush; I blushed only his hands, feet, chest, abs, and man bits. I started with what I thought was a tan-ish skin color to lightly blush, streaked it on and GASP! So yellow and orange-y. I went over it with browns and pinks, and in the end, it just looks so unnatural (at least to me).
His faceup was loads more fun to do than the body blushing. Um, I did over blush his face though. Other than that, it was pretty fun and absolutely NERVE WREAKING. The eyeliner in the eye socket is chipping and so is the pink paint for his waterline. What could I do? The eyebrows gave me issues and they still never did get even but eh. The lower eyelashes were so scary to draw, but I think I actually did well! The false eyelashes… *Sigh* I put them on like I do when I put false eyelashes on myself… One is more curled up, and the other is faced out more. I tried. That’s all I can say.
I know he looks very feminine, but… I like it. I’ll probably redo everything before the end of fall, but for now, this is fine.

I’m probably going to practice on Sahtka’s head and Ashley’s head before I attempt anything on my Mystic Kids dolls.

Origins of Doll Names

How do you come up with names for your dolls?

I do not have many dolls at the moment, but I still find it difficult to come up with unique (or not so unique) names for the ones I have. So far, only 3 of my dolls (technically 2 and a half since one of those dolls is just a floating head) have names that are most likely ‘permanent’. These dolls are Juniper (Mystic Kids Miri), Sahtka (Akagi Doll Ban) and Ashley (Akagi Doll Lan, the floating head).
The only other doll that has a name and that I have a profile for on my website is Marvin (Mystic Kids Lawrence). His name, however, is probably going to change many times before I can find something that sticks around. His original name that I came up with was Donghai which is a Chinese name, as I want him to be considered a Chinese/Taiwanese character. One day when I had him and my Mystic Kids Miri out though, I took one look and said, “Marvin and Juniper… I don’t know where those names came from but you guys look like a Marvin and a Juniper.”
Honestly, I never even heard of the name Juniper until it popped in my head and I looked it up to see it was a Latin name. So much for a Chinese name for her too (her and Marvin are a couple/married couple).

You know how Marvin and Juniper came to be, but what about Sahtka and Ashley?
Ashley got his name because… well… I really wanted a male doll named Ashley. There is a character on an older TV show, ‘The Waltons’, and his name is Ashley. I like the show, and that kind of name for a boy really shocked me, but I loved it!
As for Sahtka, his name is pretty complicated. His name came to be kinda like Marvin and Juniper. I received his head in the mail and the name came to me after maybe two days. The name stuck, the spelling did not. I originally spelled his name Satka, but I figured many people wouldn’t be able to pronounce it the way I mean it to be pronounced. I decided to add the ‘h’ to get a more ‘sah’ sound to the name, and because I thought the spelling was even more unique with the added letter. I googled the name and I found the word (different spelling) on some articles, but nothing was the way I spelled it and I couldn’t find anywhere if it is a name in any culture in the world. My friend said it kinda sounds Indian, but I wanted my character to be part Thai… Oh well.

I have name ideas for my other dolls (I only have 2 others which are considered Marvin and Juniper’s children) but nothing is official enough to bother writing about. Since I will be doing all my dolls’ faceups soon, perhaps all the names will come to me when I’m dolling up my dollies!

Welcome to My Adventure!

To anyone who reads this… hello!

This blog is going to be all about my ball-jointed dollies! I plan on posting about topics such as face ups, clothes, characters, and so much more. I don’t have any BJD friends, so, I think this is a good way to share my happiness with people who are interested in the same thing as myself. Also, this way I don’t bother all my friends who hate when I talk about my dolls.
Now, concerning I am a full time student in University and I hold a part time retail job, I probably will not post all that often here and on other parts of my website. I’ll try my best to be active on my Summer and Winter breaks, and I’ll also try to keep everyone updated with the dolly projects I create!